Customer Testimonial

HUR equipment helping ACH Group customers reach their goals

You will find Lorraine Thomas at the ACH Group Health Studio 50+ in Glenelg every Tuesday and Thursday morning – that is unless she’s on a bushwalk! Lorraine, who is in her early 70s, has a passion for pack bushwalking, and credits the Helsinki University Research (HUR) gym equipment at the Glenelg gym for supporting her to continue this favourite pastime.

“While my knees were my focus, the trainers at the gym have a holistic approach to fitness and provided me with a program to develop strength in all areas of my body using the HUR equipment." 

“I was getting sore knees from walking down the hills, as some are very steep, however since training with the HUR equipment I have had no trouble with my knees,” Lorraine said. "I have noticed I’ve gained a lot of strength in my upper body and this has helped me enormously to take my heavy pack on and off. My core strength has also improved.”

ACH Group’s Head of Health, Kate Dobie, chose HUR for the Health Studios because the equipment is designed specifically for older people.

“I am always really impressed with the HUR technology”, she said.

“HUR is continually looking at evolving their technology and in doing so continues to reduce the barriers for older people to exercise and helps them to maximise their training session. 

“The compressed air minimises injuries in older muscles and joints, and the smart touch screens make it easy for customers as they don’t need to remember their individualised program and it keeps track of their progress.”

This sentiment is shared by Lorraine who said, “When I am working out, I feel that because of the air pressure in the equipment it doesn’t jerk my body especially when I am releasing the tension on the weights. The Smart Card is great as you don’t have to count the reps or get off the machine to change the weights, it’s all very streamlined.”

ACH Group Ambassador Jane Reilly visits the Health Studio


The i balance is one of a range of HUR equipment at the Health Studio. Ms Dobie said the i balance is all about older people improving their balance. 

“While typical balance exercises can be repetitive, we hear from customers that the interactive nature of the i balance makes it fun and different.”

In late-2021 ACH Group will welcome the Senso machine. “When people do two things at once there is a higher risk of falls. The Senso combines movement and thinking to help train and improve balance and cognition, to reduce the risk of falls,” Kate said.

ACH Group is one of South Australia’s leading not-for-profit aged care providers.


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