Customer Testimonial

How The Henley retirement resort went from nine gym users to 109 in six months

At The Henley on Broadwater retirement village on the Gold Coast there is a strong belief in the benefits of exercise with a variety of programs offered each day. However, the traditional pin-loaded weight stack gym equipment was a bridge too far for most residents and this left a large gap in their efforts to achieve the right health outcomes.

The Henley tried education sessions to encourage more people to attend the gym but without any real success. It seemed no amount of discussion around the benefits of strength training could coax users into the existing gym, with the gym only lightly used as most people found the mix of equipment difficult to understand and intimidating. 

With a focus on ease of use, functionality and appearance, CEO Patrick Smith and Fitness Consultant Liz Webster reviewed a number of alternative providers and quickly settled on the HUR range. 

“The HUR equipment simply stood out. Without a weight plate to be seen, it looked more like a lounge than gym and served to break down any barriers of use.”

”The decision we struggled over was whether or not to commit to the higher spend for the digital smart touch (ST) version of the equipment. However, it has turned out to be seminal to our success,” said Liz.

In discussion with their Residents’ Committee, they were also keen for staff to have access to the gym. The digital ST upgrade allowed for seamless integration of residents and staff to use the gym simultaneously without the need for manually adjusting each machine between users. 

Extensive dialogue to excite the community about the ease of use and health benefits was also critical to the launch. “I couldn’t be happier than to have a problem with residents frustrated about getting access to the gym, and I’ve been overwhelmed by their appreciation of our investment,” said Patrick.

“We now have over 109 users in a community of 131 residents and have the unexpected issue of rostering gym access to a COVID-safe standard. The result has exceeded all our expectations”.


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