Ageing Asia Innovation Exhibition 2019 Singapore

HUR Australia is exhibiting at The Ageing Asia Innovation Exhibition in Singapore 14-15 May 2019

The Ageing Asia Innovation Exhibition, an activity during the International Ageing Week in Singapore, is a targeted and specially curated platform of the latest eldercare products and solutions from around the globe that can be best adapted and translated to the needs of the industry. From Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and more, each innovation has been specially hand-picked by team Ageing Asia.


Focusing on two key themes Eldercare Operations and Health Longevity, the Future of Active Ageing Seminar will showcase presentations on successful ageing, the latest assisted living tech, care innovations and capability improvement solutions.

Eldercare Operations Highlights

  • Creating communities that enable successful ageing-in-place
  • Assisted living products
  • Smart monitoring technologies 
  • Programme innovations for active ageing, dementia and rehabilitation 
  • Commercial growth and sustainability: Innovations, research and cross-industry collaborations

Health Longevity Highlights

  • Changing our heart health outcomes through the way we eat, live and sleep? 
  • Bone health in older men and women 
  • Re-aligning your body to better health
  • Creating naturally occurring retirement communities
  • Mindfulness and healthy ageing 
  • Preventive health and empowering self-management for optimal chronic disease care
  • Eat right for successful ageing


Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Level 3, Hibiscus Ballroom

DATES - May 14-15, 2019 

Exhibition Visiting Hours: 14 May (2PM - 6PM) / 15 May (10AM - 3.30PM)

REGISTRATION - For registrations please visit the conference registration page here.