Health and Wellness columns in Aged Care Today

Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) is Australia’s national association for all providers of residential aged care, home and community care, retirement living and related services. As part of their services, they publish a magazine, “Aged Care Today” four times a year with a large variety of articles from providers, suppliers, innovators and thought leaders across aged and community care.

One of the continuing article series throughout the 2023 has been the Health and Wellness column, this year featuring articles from HUR Australia’s research lead, Dr Tuire Karaharju-Huisman. This has been a great opportunity to share discussion on tropics that matter, including research findings and clinical experience, conversations with experts, client success stories as well as innovative advancements. 

We at HUR Australia believe in evidence-based-practices and are very privileged to work with high quality research and clinical teams. By knowledge share, such as our own webinars and Newsletters, as well as this collaboration with ACCPA, we have an opportunity to share current topics and hopefully reach out to many people on the importance of pathways that lead to better health and wellness to all. 

You can read all 2023 ACCPA Health and Wellness columns below: