Twist Easy Access

Twist unit targets all the most important trunk rotation muscles (shoulder, back and abdominal muscles). Lockable lever arm and reversible rollers make it easy to get into and out of the machine.


Large mushroom buttons

Resistance is adjusted using large push buttons that make adjustment easy and safe.

Dual function - left & right

Dual function equipment allows exercising both sides of body, left and right.

Lockable lever arm

Lever arm can be locked in two different positions to make it easier for the user get into and out of the machine.

Reversible rollers

Reversible rollers make it easy for the user to get into and out of the machine.


SmartCard upgrade kit

SmartCard upgrade kit is available for any machine with analog or digital display. With touch screen display and SmartCard system training programs, repetitions and resistance, can be automatically loaded and the training data saved.

Technical information

80Width cm
125Length cm
126Height cm
64Weight kg