For a long, happy and independent life

The right kind of muscular strength training is what we all need - especially senior citizens, to be able to maintain mobility and stay independent as long as possible. HUR allows older people to exercise more safely by reducing stress on joints and connective tissues. Using air as resistance overcomes the additional effort required to lift a static weight at the beginning of an exercise and to slow it down it at the end. HUR's air resistance equipment is safe and easy to use, which makes it suitable for everybody. 

Test - Train - Follow-up

The importance of testing and measurability cannot be stressed enough when it comes to senior exercise and rehabilitation. HUR delivers high-quality testing machines and functional packages, where tests are incorporated into machines that are in daily use.

In this example we see our multi-functional Pulley machine, iBalance platform, Monark bicycle ergometer and HUR Leg Extension/Curl machine with isometric test capabilities. Read more about our testing equipment here.

With the HUR SmartCard-system, we have combined several functions for human performance testing and documentation using state of the art training machines.

Inclusive wellness solutions

In an inclusive wellness facility, it is easy to get on and off machines. The machines can be used safely and independently by as many different users as possible, regardless of ability, while in between machines there is ample room to maneuver with various mobility aids. 

HUR equipment within the Premium Line is designed in accordance with current requirements for accessibility. The machines are designed to efficiently use space while offering impediment-free accessibility.  Our unique HUR Easy Access machines embody top-design and expand user options far more than more traditional solutions.

Layout and products

For layout and product suggestions, and for customer references, please go to Case/Senior Exersice.