HUR offers solutions for equipment leasing and finance via local financing companies. HUR equipment leasing can be applied well to small, middle and big projects.
The main advantages of leasing and finance:
  • Save time and work – sales people negotiate and organize the finance.
  • Target of finance functions as guarantee- no other guarantee needed.
  • Capital does not have to be associated with the company’s capital assets.
  • Leasing does not cause stress on balance.
  • Leasing cost are deductible expenses in the tax system.
  • When the leasing period is over, you have a possibility to redeem the equipment with your own residue value.
HUR equipment can also be rented. In this way, the equipment is available whenever for the requested time period. Single equipment or whole line of equipment can be updated easily and flexibly. Equipment maintenance can also included in the rent.
These financing options are provided to Australian companies via HUR Australia Pty Ltd.