HUR SmartCard – independent training and evidence-based operating

HUR´s SmartCard system offers advanced training and operating technology - made easy. The system is both user-friendly and advanced, through advanced automation of following and monitoring of a training program, but through clean user-interfaces.

With the HUR SmartCard Software you can create training programs and load the programs to a Smart Card. After exercise the performed and stored exercises are moved to your computer´s database for further analysis. The HUR SmartCard Software stores performed workload, sets, reps, average heart rate, maximum heart rate, exercise time and time of visit.

HUR SmartCard, how it works

1. Staff registers new users in the system and creates their personal training programme. The customer is given a user ID and password for the SmartZone kiosk. 2. Customers log in at the kiosk before beginning their workout and select their training programme, which starts at machine number one.
3. All exercise programmes follow the numerical order of the machines to ease throughput. Resistance and repetitions are set automatically; animated instructions are available if required. 4. When the workout is complete the customer signs out at the kiosk. Performance monitoring reports are provided and programmes updated automatically when target levels are reached.

HUR's SmartCard benefits both operators and exercisers.

1. To start training, the client can select their own training program and save it to SmartCard without instructor’s help. The client can select the individual program or the very new client can also select the general training program with different levels. Once the programme has been selected and the card inserted into the machine, the resistance and repetitions is set automatically and the system provides animated instructions if needed. 2. The reporting features of SmartCard mean that the user can follow his or her progress easily. The software gives varied feedback to the user on the performance of the workout session. Once the target level has been reached, the software automatically updates the exercise programme and the resistance to a new level that enhances physical condition.
3. The rotation proceeds from one machine to the next in a precise order. Therefore, there is less queuing at the machines.  4. The supervisor can send advices to the client, and the client can send the messages to the supervisor within the SmartCard system.
5. After the training, the system offers versatile feedbacks for clients’ physical performances. Visually attractive progress reports motivate clients and encourages for further progress.  

Advantages for Operators

Besides assisting customer and training program routines, SmartCard Software also helps managing gym resources:

  • Automated training programs save staff resources through decreased manual work
  • Clients can exercise more independently with the machines; staff dos not necessarily need to guide them through the basic operation of the machines.
  • SmartCard software allows for the monitoring of how frequently machines are used and how training programs are implemented. The data can be utilized in the development of a fitness facility’s operations.

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