Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

HUR introduces safer and more effective rehabilitation equipments based on air-pressure technology in Australia. The result of 15 years of scientific development is a unique, pneumatic equipment line designed on collaboration with different universities and leading physiology and biomechanics experts from around the world.

HUR innovative technology is utilised in professional sports and science market, such as physiotherapists, rehab centres, exercise physiology laboratories, universities, research centres, biomechanics laboratories, sports medicine testing centres, neurologic rehab centres and paraplegic centres.

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Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Equipment

With adequate strength training equipment you are able to isolate specific muscles, reduce the need for neural coordination and reduce the supportive muscle action. You are also able to have clear quantifiable exercise levels and goals. Targeted training of the individual muscles is in many cases the only effective way of strength training for non-able bodied people such as injured, seniors, wheelchair users and disabled.

HUR Natural transmission via air-pressure technology gives important benefits such as

  • Optimal loading of muscles
  • No inertial effects
  • High speed training possible
  • Safety and efficiency
  • Lower joint pressure
  • Ease of adjustments

HUR premium line machines are well suited for rapid launch of rehabilitation and when training needs to be started from the beginning. All the main muscle groups can be trained effectively using the versatile equipment range and multi-purpose accessories. The resistance can start from zero and be adjusted 'steplessly' upwards. Machines support assistive training allowing passive mobilization of arms and legs. The training can include both eccentric and concentric motion, but also one of these alone can be chosen.

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Biomechanics in HUR equipment is dimensioned precisely to achieve an ideal muscular exercise and to prevent overloading the joints and connective tissues. Backrest design reduces the load on the spinal column. Range limiters allow to use only a part of the range of motion if needed in HUR premium line.

HUR Easy Access machines are a part of the HUR Premium Line and based on an open U-shaped design which allows independent training for wheelchair users, those with the mobility and special needs, for example, spinal rehabilitation patients. The Easy Access line is available with the Smart Card option and with a separate and removable chair. The equipment is compatible with other HUR machines.