HUR wishes to raise awareness of the influence of technology and equipment on restoring, improving, and maintaining movement and strength for disease management and long-term wellbeing.

In addition to our webinars, we have “How to train“ videos designed by physiotherapists, focusing on each of the HUR equipment from the Hi-5 line.

Each HUR training equipment is designed to address individuality regardless of strength levels, endurance levels and abilities.

HUR Strength Training Equipment

HUR Pulley Functional Trainer

HUR Power & Rom

HUR SmartBalance


We at HUR Australia want to make sure that you get most out of your training.

With information on training and technique, as well as stories from our clients and partners, we hope that we can help you to reach all your goals.

HUR SmartTouch - Rehabilitation, testing and analysis

Explore HUR SmartTouch - the brand new computerised exercise solution for active ageing, rehabilitation, inclusive wheelchair exercise, and wellness. With premium exercise equipment and a modern online software.


As the COVID-19 pandemia spreads around the world most exercise facilities have shut their doors. While social isolation and staying at home is recommended, we wish to strongly encourage everyone to exercise. While the benefits of the progressive resistance provided by HUR equipment cannot be fully replaced, it is still important to keep active with some home-based exercises to maintain most of the strength gains you have made.

HUR Australia teamed up with My Active Attitude to create some home-based exercises that can be easily and safely done at home. You will find some useful tips, exercise samples and videos on how to stay fit. When exercising at home, remember that the same safety precautions apply as at the gym – listen to your body, remember to breathe, do not rush your exercise.

Download this handy guide for your home based exercise routine. In this document you will find warm-up, strength and balance exercises you can do to engage the same muscle groups as when using HUR gym equipment.

Leg Strength Exercise

Leg muscles are often called the “muscles of life”. Your leg muscles are some of the biggest muscles in our body and their strength is a key to function such as getting up and walking, but also to your metabolism. We recommend doing some leg muscles every day.

Balance exercise

Balance ability is a key component as we get older. With these simple exercises you can practice different aspects of your balance. Remember that you can do the exercises next to a chair or a table for support.

Upper Body exercise

Exercising your upper body will keep up your muscle tone, but also help to keep up a good posture.

NuStep T4r training

HUR Australia is the official distributor of NuStep in Australia. The features of this recumbent crosstrainer, eg 360° swivelling chair and easy adjustment, make this equipment suitable for all fitness and ability levels.
Balance, Upper Body ja Legs. See more info on our NuStep T4r page.



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