Wellness & Health Clubs

HUR suits everybody.

HUR Air-pressure technology provides safer and more effective exercise for a wider range of people. This allows you to attract a larger amount of people with different abilities and skill levels. It also enables you to cater for specific user groups or ages thus differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Air Circuit 

HUR ‘Air Circuit’ can be used as an independent business or incorporated into an existing facility. Some of the typical HUR Health & Fitness Equipment settings today are ladies only gyms or areas inside a larger fitness facility, automated circuits for strength training, 24/7 gyms and small specialized studios designed around wellness, weight loss, continence or similar concepts. HUR 'Air Circuit´ is ideal for building your own franchise business.


SmartZone reduces workout time and is based on an automated 30 minute full body exercise concept of circuit strength training with Smart cards. Find outmore about SmartZonehere. 

The Smart Card

The Smart Card system represents the industry’s most advanced and user-friendly fitness equipment technology. The system provides truly personal workout. It adjusts resistance automatically, instructs the user whenever necessary and records the performance from each session on the card. For fitness and health club operators the Smart Card means cost-effectiveness.

New exercise programs can be made quickly and easily from templates and saved on the Smart Card. The system will track each individual’s progress and adjust the weights accordingly. Wide range of feedback is provided, for example workout performance and the degree of usage.

List of benefits:

  • More effective & safer workout
  • Reduced workout time via Smart automation
  • Dual functionality & smaller footprint requires less floor space
  • Low service needs reduces maintenance costs
  • Ease of use and suitable for everybody widens the range of potential users

Find out more about the benefits and layouts samples for Fitness Clubs.