Touch screen, analog display and digital display

HUR machines are available with two different monitor screens. The touch screen embodies today’s most advanced exercising technology. The basic screen uses more traditional technology with plain features.

The touch screen, used with the HUR SmartCard machines, embodies today’s most advanced exercising technology. It is easy to use and a clear display guides users; resistance can be adjusted via the screen and the training program, repetitions and user heart rate are displayed.

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The basic analogue screen uses more traditional technology. Resistance is adjusted step-by-step through the help of “plus” and “minus” buttons, even during an exercise. The basic screens on the newest HUR machines can easily be upgraded to touch screens.

The Digital display has a backlight for presenting digitally workload, repetitions and value of heart rate. Resistance   is adjusted with "plus" and "minus" buttons with audio feedback. Heart rate value can be shown if the user wears Polar heart rate sensor.