Senior Fitness

50+ and Seniors' Gyms

Ageing populations set new requirements for efficient and cost effective ways of taking care of our senior citizens. Life expectancy in Australia is the second longest after Japan. It is crucial to make sure that our elderly has the strength they need for daily activities as long as possible.

Physical activity is seen as a more and more important part of the quality of life of elderly. It is equally important to have equipments that are specially designed for safe and ease of use. Seniors should have an easy access to the machines and be able to adjust them without getting out of them. Regular exercise with adequate equipments maintains the ability to function, prevents & treats illnesses and supports mental health.

The aim should be that there is a gym in every Australian aged care facility as naturally as there is a library today.

Why is Senior Exercise important?

The amount of muscular mass decreases about 40 % by the age of 70 and a significant decrease can be seen after 50 years of age. Inactivity causes rapid changes in muscular strength, 3-5% decrease per day in the first week for those patients who are in bedrest. Safe 10-12 weeks senior strength training programs suit very well for example into transitional care package. After the regular exercising period you can expect increased muscle strength for daily activities, benefits for incontinence and mental health.

Muscle weakness is the single most important reason for falls and affects a lot to the quality of life for elderly. The good news is that having adequate fitness equipments, seniors can safely train to get the strength they need. Many of the Australian Falls prevention programs still seem to lack an adequate strength training part. Not keeping in mind that cardiovascular exercise does not prevent the loss of muscle tissue. Falls prevention requires High Speed strength exercise that develops fast muscle cells for quick corrective movements. Recent studies show that there is a direct link from measured muscle strength and weight of a senior that correlates to probability of falls.

See more about HUR Falls Prevention Program.

Benefits for Aged Care Management

  • Improves quality of life of the residents by increasing their independency. It also allows you to free your staff for other vital activities
  • Attracts future clients to your facility by offering your senior gym for local community
  • Generates additional revenue streams via local community members and external physiotherapy rehabilitation opportunities.
  • Receive savings via reduced falls and number of pads due to improved continence
  • Improves on mental health and reduce depression for your residents
  • Differentiates your facility via value added extra services of strength training