The HUR Functional Pulley has been designed for safe and motivating strength training for seniors, over 50s, rehab and for those in wheelchairs. The HUR Functional Pulley can be used for a wide variety of exercises for a full-body workout.
Air resistance allows for near-zero starting loads and 100g increments allowing exercise for all. SmartTouch technology allows for independent exercise and automated record keeping. The 8820 has a maximum loading of 40kgs (20kgs per cable) and the 8830 has a maximum loading of 60 kgs (30kgs per cable)

Equipment Features

All HUR strength training equipment with SmartTouch technology can automatically welcome the client on to the machine, load the pre-set exercise programme and set the required reps and resistance.

Touch screen electronic adjustments and user-friendly SmartTouch software tracks individual progress and allows clients to safely and independently work within their personalized training program. Fitted with two adjustable support handles, leg straps, hand grips, and an adjustable numbered cable column, the machine isolates movement along a fixed path for each exercise, helping to promote proper technique even for wheelchair-bound users.

  • HUR SmartTouch technology saves staff time, is safe and non-intimidating for older adults, and tracks outcomes across time, peer groups, and centres
  • Pneumatic (air resistance) technology follows the natural movement of the muscle, is easy on joints, and allows for optimal muscle loading
  • Touch screen resistance adjustment allows for controlled 100g increases in resistance
  • Zero starting load is ideal for beginners and early initiation of rehabilitative therapy
  • Two adjustable support handles to support lower limbs
  • Easy access adjustable handgrips and leg straps for safe, independent use
  • Power measurement available


  • HUR Pulley 2 in 1: multifunction machine with two training stations. It can consist of any kind of two HUR Pulleys
  • HUR Pulley 3 in 1: multifunction machine with three training stations
  • HUR Pulley Crossover Station: The modular design of HUR Pulley machines makes it possible to flexibly create different machine entities.




Wall mounted

  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Dimensions: W 80 cm L 90 cm H 220 cm
  • Power needed: Yes
  • Compressed air needed: Yes
  • WiFi needed: Yes
  • Related models: 8820, 8830

Free Standing

  • Weight: 78 kg
  • Dimensions: W 137 cm L 145 cm H 220 cm
  • Power needed: Yes
  • Compressed air needed: Yes
  • WiFi needed: Yes
  • Related models: 8821, 8831


  • Pulley bench 8206 – see below
  • Pulley crossover station 8805 – see below
  • Handgrip 8210
  • Leg strap (includes 8214 strap extension) 8211
  • Thigh/Shoulder strap (includes 8214 strap extension) 8212
  • Waist strap (includes 8214 strap extension) 8213
  • Strap extension 8214
  • Tetra glove 8215
  • Gripeeze tube grip left 8216
  • Gripeeze tube grip right 8217
  • Pulley pulldown grip 82220
  • Pulley triceps grip 8221
  • Pulley accessories package 8223
  • Removeable chest support for pulley 8224
  • Pulley 2 in 1 legs 8202
  • Pulley 3 in 1 legs 8203



The HUR pulley rowing bench features wheels for easy moving into place and adjustable height knee supports. Adding the bench allows for using the pulley as a rowing machine, a popular and important exercise for core strength, or for lat pull-downs.


The modular design of our pulley machines makes it possible to flexibly create different machine entities. In this example, we have combined Pulley 2 in 1 and Pulley 3 in 1 to create a crossover station. This example has five exercise stations and a cross pulley. Similarly, our crossover station can also be combined with other HUR Pulley machines.


A wide range of optional equipment is available for use with our HUR Pulley machines. Below are examples of the most commonly purchased pieces; ask our sales team about more options.

Hand Grip Leg Strap Shoulder Strap Waist Strap
Strap Extension Tetra Glove Pull Down Grip Triceps Grip

More information

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