The fight against Coronavirus

We at HUR Australia hope that this email reaches you in good health at this exceptional time. 

As people are worried about the spreading of the coronavirus, it is a time when we need to take special care of the wellbeing of the elderly.  Older adults and individuals with chronic health conditions are at higher risk for the novel coronavirus. Therefore it is very important to stay safe and not have any contact with possible virus carriers. For many people this means staying at home and reducing contact with others to a minimum. Unfortunately the overall wellbeing is easily deteriorating if this isolation means inactivity. 

Here is a message from Arto Hautala, the Director of Research and Education at HUR Oy, in which he expresses the need of exercise and physical activities while being in self isolation.

The fight against Coronavirus

"Older adults and individuals with chronic health conditions are at higher risk for the novel coronavirus. Understanding that the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus altogether, we still want to promote aging adults to stay physically active to maintain appropriate physical performance. Especially strength training at least two days in a week for all big muscle groups will result for better cognition, avoid falls and improve quality of life.

Importantly, our immune systems grow weaker as we age, which makes it more challenging for older adults to fight off infectious diseases. Chronic diseases are more common with age, can damage the immune system, and make people more vulnerable to serious complications. Understanding that muscles could act as an immune organ by producing acute phase protective proteins, regular strength training might be a crucial preventive action to fight against the coronavirus.

We all understand the severity of this global challenge, but please go ahead with physically active lifestyle and regular strength training for keeping fit and immune system ready for fight."

With this information in mind, keep training, keep safe and take care!