HUR Australia is the technology leader in Equipment for Senior Exercise, Rehabilitation and Wellness.

HUR Fitness Equipment match your body's natural muscular movement using smooth air technology. The result is a safer, more effective exercise for a wider range of people from mainstream exerciser to elite athletes, seniors, children and disabled.

Leading the Way for 50+ and Seniors' Gyms

Many geriatric exercise studies emphasize that muscular strength gained via senior exercise is directly related to the management of balance, walking speed, climbing stairs and prevention of falls. Maintaining a sufficient level of strength is vital for ensuring senior citizens ability to cope independently in everyday life. Senior strength training is needed in addition to cardio training to maintain the muscle mass throughout senior years. As far as senior exercise is concerned, it is essential to have safe and easily accessible devices.

Adjustments of HUR machines can be made without getting off the machine and range limiters provide additional safety by reducing risk of injury. You can complete the selection with Easy Access line machines enabling the independent exercising of wheelchair users. Read more about HUR 50+ and Seniors' Gyms.

Special Design for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

HUR Rehabilitation Equipment has specially been designed for effective rehabilitation together with universities and leading experts in physiology and biomechanics worldwide. Devices are based on air-pressure technology providing a safe resistance curve for joints and allowing stepless adjustment of resistance from zero upwards.

HUR's Easy Access Line is an equipment range targeted to meet the needs of wheelchair users with special features of rehabilitation equipment. Find out more about HUR Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Equipment.

Competitive Edge for Health Clubs & Gyms via Automated Fitness Equipment

HUR is the world’s technology leader in automated Fitness Equipments for Health & Wellness Clubs. HUR Smart Card System represents the cutting edge in fitness equipment technology today. These advanced computerized machines are based on air-resistance for safety and user friendly providing a very efficient method of training.

The compact dual function machines save floor space and can be arranged to provide fluent circuit training. This adds up to an effective and valuable solution for the fitness clubs. HUR has over 10000 fitness equipment installations worldwide. Read more about our Fitness Equipment for Welness & Health Clubs.

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