Strength Training

The HUR range of strength training machines are available in different configurations. For an explanation of the different options available please click here.

Single/Dual Function Range

Upper Body

Biceps / Triceps Push Up / Pull Down Dip / Shrug Chest Press
Lat-Pull Pec Deck Optimal Rhomb  

Core Body

Abdomen / Back Back Extension Twist Twist Rehab
Body Extension      

Lower Body

Adduction / Abduction Leg Curl / Leg Extension Leg Press Leg Press Incline
Leg Press CC      

Multifunction Range

4X 5X Pulley  

Wheelchair Accessible Range / Easy Access (EA)

Biceps / Triceps EA Push Up / Pull Down EA Dip / Shrug EA Chest Press EA
Lat Pull Pec Deck Optimal Rhomb Abdomen / Back
Twist EA      

Chairs and Benches

Easy Access Adjustable Chair

Hyper Extension Abdominal Isolator Incline Bench

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Which option is right for me?

Premium Line (5000 Range) vs Active Line (3000 Range)

Premium Line machines have range limiters and isometric testing points, thus making them more suitable for older clients or those going through rehab. Active line machines have neither range limiters nor isometric testing points but do have larger capacity cylinders which give higher resistance potential, making them more suitable for younger clients in settings such as health clubs, hotels and schools. Both lines have the same unique Natural Transmission system which provides a safe and effective workout with no damaging stress on joints and connective tissues – the workload is applied specifically to the muscles.

Smart Touch (ST)

HUR SmartTouch software lets clients exercise independently by ‘tapping-on’ to a machine and having their own pre-set exercise programme set up for them. This lets instructors manage more clients simultaneously and gets away from tedious paperwork. For directors this means an efficient and cost-effective gym and gives them the ability to track outcomes over time and across centres.

Electrically adjustable STE option

STE machines have levers and seats which adjust position automatically so as to provide the perfect fit for clients of all shapes and sizes. This gives gym-confidence to all users, boosting motivation to commence training and to return.

Easy Access Wheelchair friendly (9000) Range

The easy access range comprises of nine machines specifically designed for wheelchair users. Importantly, these machines are usable by non-wheelchair users by using the adjustable Easy Access chair, thus allowing for wheelchair users to share the same gym space as everyone else. These machines are also available as analogue versions.

Multifunction (8000) Range

There are three machines in the multifunction range, the 4X, the 5X and the Functional Pulley. The 4X and the 5X are generally suited for smaller gym spaces where there is still a desire to offer a full-body workout. Each machine has roughly the same footprint as a single function machine but offers either 4 or 5 separate exercises. The small extra cost makes these machines extremely cost effective. The Functional Pulley is a base machine for all gyms.

Analogue Range

Most of the Smart Touch range is available as an analogue alternative. With these pieces the 10” touch screen is replaced with a simple pressure meter and plus/minus push buttons. This strips away the ability to have pre-set training programmes and automated data generation but benefits from a reduced cost. These machines would typically be found in schools. For more information, please visit HUR Australia's Analogue Strength Training Equipment -page.

HUR Strength Training Machine Options

STE5000 ST5000 STE3000 ST3000
Premium Line Premium Line Active Line Active Line
Smart Touch Smart Touch Smart Touch Smart Touch
Electrically adjustable   Electrically adjustable  
ST9000 ST/STE8000 5000 3000
Premium Line Premium Line Premium Line Active Line
Smart Touch Smart Touch Analogue Analogue
Wheelchair accessible Electrically adjustable    


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