HUR Smart Touch

The intelligent way

HUR SmartTouch software lets clients exercise independently and lets instructors and directors save time and track outcomes over time and across centres. The Smart touch ecosystem consists of Smart Touch, Free Trainer and MyHUR Gym mobile phone app.



With HUR SmartTouch staff can create and manage a client’s strength training programme and monitor their progress against time and peer groups. Data is automatically collected in real time for each user, including repetitions, resistance, range of movement, power and progress. 

Reports can then be generated on the performance of an individual, a group or the entire membership, making it quick and easy to isolate and compile data for a wide range of purposes.

In a nutshell:

  • Easy individualised exercise programme set-up
  • Easy tracking and reporting of outcomes.
  • Proactive alerts based on customisable filters
  • Enhanced staff productivity and satisfaction


When asked “What do you like about the HUR exercise equipment” one statement comes back time and again; “It’s so easy to use.”

Users simply sit on the machine, ‘tap-on’ and are welcomed by name. Their individualised exercise programme is loaded automatically with no need to sign in, resistance and repetitions are prepared and the seat and lever positions are adjusted for optimum fit.

The system monitors progress and provides an auditory prompt when the exercise is completed. Controlled resistance level increases can be programmed into each user's training plan, prompting the machine to automatically increase resistance by a specified amount when the user exceeds their goals.

With HUR SmartTouch users are empowered to safely exercise independently, providing motivation and saving valuable resources.

In a nutshell:

  • Tailored exercise programmes loaded automatically
  • No hazardous manual machine adjusting
  • Automatic resistance adjustments
  • Zero starting load and 100g increments
  • Easy to understand touch-screen display


HUR SmartTouch enabled machines can be pre-programmed with an individual’s power target. The achieved power is displayed clearly  on the 10” screen and the data is recorded in real-time, allowing allied  health professionals to monitor progress and outcomes. This is a motivating  feature which encourages users to achieve maximum gain through maximum effort. 



HUR SmartTouch enabled machines display the range of motion for each user. This is an important function, particularly for those recovering from injury and for seniors and is defined together with the trainer. Having this clearly displayed in real-time on the 10”  screen is motivating to the user, encouraging them to perform their full movement and so achieve maximum benefit.The data is captured automatically, providing the trainer with valuable insights about the quality of the training session.



Shortly put with SmartTouch you will enhance the training experience, you can operate wherever you need and whenever you want, you will be able to operate more efficient and save staff resources and you will simplify the work for the instructors. 


  • Equipment with air pressure technology and touch screen – with all the world-leading features of HUR equipment – from close to zero starting load to automatic resistance increase, 100g/1/4lb. increments and automatic machine set-up 
  • State of the art, modern, web-based operating software for clinic and centre operation 
  • RFID customer identification – activate training with a single touch 
  • Operation wherever and wherever (cloud-based solution) 
  • Supports multi-clinic and centre organizations 
  • Start training at the first machine, no need to log in 
  • Electrically adjustable lever arms and seat 
  • The customer’s personal online profile visualizes progress, the training program and provides a messaging feature between the user and instructor 
  • Automated reporting of client progress, facility status, equipment usage etc. With the release of the HUR SmartTouch software, HUR takes another huge leap forward. By providing professionals with the best 
  • Cloud-based or local installation