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Covid-19 Exercise, Nutrition and Health in Isolation

Date May 29, 2020  Time 2.00-3.30.pm AEST

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While the COVID-19 Pandemic is forcing us all to isolate at home, it is important that we try to remain positive and healthy. The evidence is clear on the key factors; with the right nutrition and exercise we can maintain our muscles and give our bodies the best chance to fight illness. To provide you with the best information, to look after yourself and everyone around you, we invited people to share their knowledge on these key messages on how to eat and exercise well.

Webinar Topics

Dr Tim Henwood – “Muscle health”. With an extensive research publication list on strength training in people over 65 years of age, Tim will discuss the evidence on strength training, right exercise modes and how to avoid muscle loss, sarcopenia.

Ngaire Hobbins – “Nutrition”. As a clinical dietician and an author of three books on nutritional advice to fight the physiological changes of ageing, Ngaire will talk about the importance of protein intake and a balanced diet.

Dr Sharon Hetherington – “Home exercises”. With both research and clinical experience in community exercise in both gym and home settings, Sharon will give us advice on how to keep exercising at home.

Bob Barnard - “Health in isolation” with more than 40 years of clinical knowledge on patient management, Bob will discuss the transition of exercise management from clinic to home with clinical cases and considerations.

Speakers Profiles

Dr Tim Henwood is a special population exercise physiologist with a wide research publication record on targeted exercise programs for adults 65 years and over. He currently holds a role as the Group Manager for Community Wellness & Lifestyle with Southern Cross Care SA & NT and with a specific interest in older adults with complex healthcare needs. Tim is a strong advocate for targeted exercise and therapy - with correct exercise prescription even the oldest and most unhealthy adults can be re-abled back to better health and wellbeing.

Ngaire Hobbins is an Accredited Practising Dietitian specialising in gerontology, cognitive health, aged care and dementia in the past two decades. She wishes to help all older people enjoy independent, productive and fulfilling lives in their later years. As a clinician, she enjoys the chance to translate complex science into language and sensible, practical advice for everyday people. Ngaire has published three books giving everyday people advice on sensible, practical eating, based on scientific research.

Dr Sharon Hetherington is an accredited exercise physiologist with a doctorate in the field of exercise and healthy ageing. She has a keen interest in using adaptive technologies to help people exercise safely at home. Her work with Exercise & Sports Science Australia and with Burnie Brae Ltd have helped to progress an understanding of how exercise at home can improve the health and independence of older people.

Bob Barnard is an exercise physiologist who manages the Centre for Physical Activity in Ageing within the Central Adelaide Local Health Network. He has held that position for 17 years in an over 40 year career in various health and rehabilitation settings within the South Australian Department of Health and Ageing. He has a major interest, including research, in the benefits of prescribed exercise interventions for adult and especially older populations with chronic disease including chronic heart failure and renal failure into dialysis.