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Strength, Health and Wellness – From Epidemiology to Service Delivery

Date - Dec 4, 2020 Time 2 pm (AEDT)
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Year 2020 sure was a year that no-one expected – it will always be remembered as the year of the global pandemic. This year has also been a learning experience to all on the importance of health and wellness management, to avoid the effects of inactivity and to maximise the health benefits of exercise, both at home and at facilities. 

This year, with its challenges, has also been the beginning of our HUR Australia Webinars, with the purpose of reaching as many people as possible, to share our passion for health knowledge. Initially the focus was on the acute care and management but as we move forward it is important to think about the long term consequences of inactivity and to make plans on how to get everyone’s health back to the best level possible.

HUR Australia webinars have reached hundreds of people in 17 countries – the learnings from our speakers have reached a wide audience and encouraged all to do the best they can to stay healthy. It has been a privilege to introduce all to world class speakers. Our final webinar for 2020 will follow in the same path with another line up of brilliance from Exercise Epidemiology to clinical excellence and overall management of Australia wide health and wellness programs.

Dr Jason Bennie, University of Southern Queensland

Jason leads Muscle-strengthening Exercise Epidemiology Theme within the Physically Active Lifestyles Research Group, at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ). Dr Bennie’s research focus is on physical activity epidemiology, with a particular emphasis on muscle-strengthening exercise for chronic disease prevention and management. Dr Bennie has published over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Allan Zhang, The Selwyn Foundation (New Zealand) 

Allan is a registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist in New Zealand. Following his clinical training at the University of Auckland, he gained experience working in private practice at AUT University over a period of two years. Allan joined the Selwyn Foundation in October 2019.During this time, he provided functional / balance exercise assessments and comprehensive exercise programming using the HUR equipment to a diverse range of elderly clients. Allan enjoys applying practical solutions for improving overall physical function, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness in the elderly population. In addition to performing day to day clinic duties, Allan is also responsible for providing education seminars to medical specialists on the importance of structured exercise and healthy aging.  

Nathan Hall, Health and Well-Living Manager, BaptistCare NSW/ACT at home

Nathan is the Health and Well-Living Manager at BaptistCare at home. He is an experienced Exercise Physiologist with experience in service and operations Management, skilled at strategic leadership, coaching- leading through others and operations management in aged care, fitness, and allied health industry. With a passion and commitment to develop accessible physical activity models to all, Nathan wants to enhance the health and wellbeing of the community that he serves. In his current role Nathan can fulfill his passion by leading a team and creating programs for health and wellbeing.

Catherine Daley, integratedliving

Catherine Daley is the CEO of integratedliving, an Australia wide organisation delivering better health outcomes by offering a wide range of aged care and disability support. Catherine has overseen the growth of the integratedliving, to its current position as a significant rural, regional and remote focused entity providing health management and wellbeing services to older Australians, using entrepreneurial activities such as ehealth and the use of assistive technologies, innovative models of service delivery, new business models, and targeted amalgamations.

Registration - Registration for this webinar is now closed. Click here to view the webinar video and other material.

HUR Australia has so far hosted the following webinars this year:

Covid-19 Exercise, Nutrition and Health in Isolation (May 29, 2020)

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Keys to success - Leading with exercise (September 4, 2020)

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LASA 2020 Online - a summary of the webinars 

HUR Australia's webinar MC Dr Tuire Karaharju-Huisman, presented at the recent LASA online conference a summary of the webinars. This presentation tells the story behind the webinars and also discusses the importance of keeping everyone healthy by sharing knowledge with all. Click here to view the video on HUR Australia's YouTube Channel.

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Keys to success - Leading with exercise;
Best Practice exercise programs and management perspectives 

Date 4.9.2020

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While chronological ageing is inevitable, what we do to combat the physiological changes is another matter. World Health Organization (WHO) has identified three factors that influence trajectories of ability: the intrinsic capacity of the individual, the environments they inhabit, and the interaction between them. A key aspect of health and wellness is physical activity. The benefits of the inclusion of exercise at older age are clear; From prevention of falls and improvements in cognitive function to reduced mortality, exercise is a key aspect in improving quality of life. 

To maximise the health and wellness benefits of exercise, planning and exercise prescription must be performed accurately. Thankfully, research projects and clinical reports from both residential and community care have provided details on how to create, manage and run, successful programs that provide better health and quality of life to all. 
The global COVID-19 Pandemic has forced us all to isolate and whilst we are slowly re-opening society, we are facing setbacks after months of reduced activity. One day this second wave will also end, and then it is time to return to training, with even more motivation to be healthy.

We have invited people to share their knowledge on Exercise prescription and program creation and management, to maximise the benefits of exercise and wellness programs.

Dr Jennie Hewitt – "Exercise in residential care; practical tips on success factors from the Sunbeam Program and beyond"

Jennifer is a practicing physiotherapist, educator and academic researcher with a passion for delivering best practice to her clients, and leading research that informs health care policy. She was recently awarded the ACSA Australian National Lifetime Achievement Award for services to aged and community care, a National Commendation Award from the Aged Care Quality Agency, and the 2019 Morley Award for the paper most likely to influence policy and practice from the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association.

Her work has been used successfully to advocate for Australian Aged Care Funding Reform. Her most recent collaboration designed and delivered an intervention that resulted in a 55% reduction in falls rates for residents of aged care, an internationally recognised, ground-breaking result. A cost-effectiveness analysis of the intervention identified a potential AUD $120M saving to the health economy. Most importantly to Jennifer, those that conducted the intervention improved their physical performance and functional ability, allowing them to participate more fully in life. Jennifer has attracted national and international investment into the Australian research sector and is a Keynote and Invited Conference Speaker within Australia and abroad. She has a Master of Health Science (Sports Physiotherapy) and a PhD from the University of Sydney.

SUNBEAM research and results, including details of the protocol have been published as follows:
•    Hewitt J, Goodall S, Clemson L, Henwood T, Refshauge K. Progressive Resistance and Balance Training for Falls Prevention in Long-Term Residential Aged Care: A Cluster Randomized Trial of the Sunbeam Program. (2018) J Am Med Dir Assoc. Apr;19(4):361-369. 
•    Hewitt J, Refshauge KM, Goodall S, Henwood T, Clemson L. Does progressive resistance and balance exercise reduce falls in residential aged care? Randomized controlled trial protocol for the SUNBEAM program. (2014) Clin Interv Aging. Feb 21;9:369-76.

Dr Justin Keogh - “Optimising outcomes from exercise programs for community dwelling older adults”

Justin Keogh is an Associate Professor within the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University where he teaches motor control and learning, exercise prescription and more recently research design. He is currently a Fellow of the Australian Association of Gerontology and the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport.

Dr Keogh’s research focuses on better understanding the acute and chronic responses to exercise, in particular resistance and motor skill training; with the ultimate aim to improve physical performance for athletes as well as older adults at risk of disability and poor health outcomes.

With respect to the older populations, his research focuses on the geriatric condition, sarcopenia and its potential relationship to aged care utilisation and cancer survivorship. In order to translate this evidence into usual care practice, some of his health research examines the determinants of exercise and physical activity in older populations as well as the determinants of exercise promotion by the medical and allied health professionals.

In conjunction with Dr Tim Henwood, Dr Keogh was the winner of the 2019 Sustainable Healthcare Awards: Research Category for their joint work in this area.

MUAD research and results, including details of the protocol have been published as follows:
•    Hetherington S, Henwood T, Swinton P, Keogh J, Gardiner P, Tuckett A. (2018) Engineering improved balance confidence among older adults with complex health care needs: Learning from the Muscling Up Against Disability study. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. Apr 4. 
•    Keogh JW, Henwood T, Gardiner P, Tuckett A, Hodgkinson B, Rouse K. Examining evidence based resistance plus balance training in community-dwelling older adults with complex health care needs: Trial protocol for the Muscling Up Against Disability project. (2017) Arch Gerontol Geriatr. Jan - Feb;68:97-105.

Paul Johnson - “Creating a new business opportunity”

Paul’s career in the ageing industry has spanned two states, over two decades and across the spectra of service provider, industry adviser and public servant.  With qualifications in human services and management, Paul is passionate about exceptional customer service, redefining ageing, enjoying life and a great cup of coffee. Paul is the Chief Opportunity Officer at BallyCara and has performed a lead role in the design and implementation of their Health and Wellness services which has exercise as a core pillar of intervention.

BallyCara’s SONA™ methodology ensures a commitment to embracing each person as an individual, enhancing their independence and enabling people to prosper with real happiness. This has provided solid foundations from which to successfully implement Short Term Restorative Care across two Queensland regions since 2017. BallyCara is the Active Ageing Partner for Netball Queensland and Major Partner of Walking Netball across South East Queensland.

Paul actively engages with key stakeholders across Australia and continues to contribute to national policy development and reform of Australia’s aged care system through his involvement with LASA.  Paul is a member of the LASA Members’ Advisory Committee in Queensland and is Deputy Chair of the ADA Australia Board.

Jo Boylan - “Keeping people better for life through exercise”

Jo Boylan is the Executive of Services at Southern Cross Care SA & NT. She holds a Bachelor and Master of Nursing and a Master in Public Health, and is undertaking her PhD focusing on the promotion of healthy ageing in residential aged care.

She aims to influence a vision of improved health across the life cycle and compression of morbidity through practicing active and healthy ageing for health improvement, despite age or illness. Over the past 10 years Jo has been leading organisational reorientations toward healthy ageing across residential, community and retirement living communities. With her operational team, Jo has led the implementation of over 25 gyms into residential homes. Her health ageing achievements include development and implementation of a healthy ageing model, presentations at international conferences, appointments to national and state aged care advisory groups, adjunct teaching positions with SA Universities and winning 10 national better practice awards for the delivery of healthy ageing into residential aged care.

Jo has significant aged care and management credentials from a 25 year career within the aged care industry which spans companies such as ACH Group and Lutheran Homes. She has also had close involvement with a range of policy issues affecting the aged care sector as an advisor to government departments and as a member of aged care sector reference groups and programs. In addition, Jo has travelled the world studying and presenting papers at international forums on a range of matters pertaining to best practice in care and support for older people.

Covid-19 Exercise, Nutrition and Health in Isolation

Date May 29, 2020

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While the COVID-19 Pandemic is forcing us all to isolate at home, it is important that we try to remain positive and healthy. The evidence is clear on the key factors; with the right nutrition and exercise we can maintain our muscles and give our bodies the best chance to fight illness. To provide you with the best information, to look after yourself and everyone around you, we invited people to share their knowledge on these key messages on how to eat and exercise well.

Webinar Topics

Dr Tim Henwood – “Muscle health”. With an extensive research publication list on strength training in people over 65 years of age, Tim will discuss the evidence on strength training, right exercise modes and how to avoid muscle loss, sarcopenia.

Ngaire Hobbins – “Nutrition”. As a clinical dietician and an author of three books on nutritional advice to fight the physiological changes of ageing, Ngaire will talk about the importance of protein intake and a balanced diet.

Dr Sharon Hetherington – “Home exercises”. With both research and clinical experience in community exercise in both gym and home settings, Sharon will give us advice on how to keep exercising at home.

Bob Barnard - “Health in isolation” with more than 40 years of clinical knowledge on patient management, Bob will discuss the transition of exercise management from clinic to home with clinical cases and considerations.

Speakers Profiles

Dr Tim Henwood is a special population exercise physiologist with a wide research publication record on targeted exercise programs for adults 65 years and over. He currently holds a role as the Group Manager for Community Wellness & Lifestyle with Southern Cross Care SA & NT and with a specific interest in older adults with complex healthcare needs. Tim is a strong advocate for targeted exercise and therapy - with correct exercise prescription even the oldest and most unhealthy adults can be re-abled back to better health and wellbeing.

Ngaire Hobbins is an Accredited Practising Dietitian specialising in gerontology, cognitive health, aged care and dementia in the past two decades. She wishes to help all older people enjoy independent, productive and fulfilling lives in their later years. As a clinician, she enjoys the chance to translate complex science into language and sensible, practical advice for everyday people. Ngaire has published three books giving everyday people advice on sensible, practical eating, based on scientific research.

Dr Sharon Hetherington is an accredited exercise physiologist with a doctorate in the field of exercise and healthy ageing. She has a keen interest in using adaptive technologies to help people exercise safely at home. Her work with Exercise & Sports Science Australia and with Burnie Brae Ltd have helped to progress an understanding of how exercise at home can improve the health and independence of older people.

Bob Barnard is an exercise physiologist who manages the Centre for Physical Activity in Ageing within the Central Adelaide Local Health Network. He has held that position for 17 years in an over 40 year career in various health and rehabilitation settings within the South Australian Department of Health and Ageing. He has a major interest, including research, in the benefits of prescribed exercise interventions for adult and especially older populations with chronic disease including chronic heart failure and renal failure into dialysis.