HUR Balance and Testing

Falls prevention and dementia are two of the biggest issues for seniors, carers and the health system. With HUR you have a suite of equipment for establishing a baseline and for making real, measurable improvements. Tailoring a client’s needs to their strength and balance programme is the safest and fastest way to make a positive difference.

With HUR SmartBalance you have:

  • A complete solution for testing and training balance
  • SUNBEAM falls prevention programme module available
  • Wheelchair suitable
  • Low step-up height
  • Scientifically proven testing methods
  • Interactive computer programs
  • Motivational and fun balance training games
  • Comprehensive reporting

With HUR Senso from Dividat you have:

  • A suite of science-backed exercises to improve cognition
    and balance
  • Cognition and falls assessment tests
  • Automated progression
  • User-friendly interface
  • Games which simulate everyday movements to support
    ADL’s training games
  • Outcome management tool to easily track results

HUR has specialised in developing and manufacturing professional products for measuring human performance. These products are manufactured to the highest quality, with scientific levels of accuracy, without compromising ease of use.

HUR SmartBalance
for balance testing and training and for motor-cognition training
HUR Senso from Dividat
for motor-cognitive training
BTG4 Balance Trainer Platform
for static and portable testing and training
HUR Performance Recorder
for isometric testing


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