Layout and Planning

At HUR Australia we offer a free design and planning service for all of our customers, regardless of any budget limitations, to help you visualise your future gym and make the most of the space you have available. The wonderful benefits of strength training can be seen from even the most modest of gyms so even if budget or available gym space is a limitation, making a start with offering an area for your residents or customers to exercise is definitely worth it.

To help guide you through the possibilities for your own situation, we have provided some real-world examples of gyms of different sizes that we have helped design. Stepping through from a small multifunctional space to a large dedicated full size gym, you will see that benefits can be gained from a gym of any size.

Small Space

A small space doesn’t have to mean a small room. Many clients are limited to finding space within an existing room, often a common room. With just three pieces of equipment it is possible to offer a great starter gym. In this example a standard small space set-up, consisting of a HUR Multifunction Pulley, a 5X Multifunction strength machine and a NuStep T5XR recumbent cross trainer were chosen to fit at the back of a dining room since this was the only space available. This small set allows for a vast array of exercises in just 14m2.

A slightly larger space obviously offers more possibilities. This awkward shaped 26m2 has room for a HUR multifunction pulley, a NuStep T4r recumbent cross trainer and two multifunction pieces. Also included is a FreeTrainer which extends the range of recorded exercises to include non-machine-based exercises such as lunges and sit-ups.

Medium space

This 43m2 space is big enough for four strength training equipment (two of which are dual-function), a HUR Balance Platform and a NuStep T4r recumbent cross-trainer.

The compressor is stored out of sight in a cupboard offering a more open feel and there is still room for an office desk.

This beautiful 57m2 gym designed for a retirement village has seven pieces of strength training equipment, a HUR multifunction pulley, a balance platform and two NuStep T4r recumbent cross trainers for cardio.

The inclusion of a mirror on the far wall has greatly increased the feeling of space. Five of the strength training pieces are dual function, effectively meaning twelve different strength exercises can be completed in a circuit. 

Large space

Full-sized gyms give the ability to host a larger number of clients, a full suite of strength and cardio equipment and still have space for complimentary floor exercises and classes. This community gym is a generous 96m2. This set-up includes nine strength training pieces, two HUR Multifunction Pulleys, two FreeTrainers and multiple cardio equipment from our partners at Lode and NuStep.

This full-sized,100m2 community gym was designed to cope with at least ten clients at a time with plenty of space left over for group classes. The large set comprises eight strength training equipment (of which six are dual-function), a HUR Multifunction pulley, a Senso balance and cognition platform and two NuStep recumbent cross trainers.

Fly-Throught Video

As well as preparing 3D mock-ups we are able to provide you with ‘fly-throughs’. Many customers find these useful for fully visualising how a new gym will look as well as for getting ‘buy-in’ from residents. A selection of these can be seen here




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