Why HUR?

What’s so good about HUR?

The Technology

HUR has led the way for 30 years, pioneering solutions to the problems of providing safe and motivating exercise solutions for seniors and for rehab. Our equipment helps seniors to maintain or regain the life they want to lead, helps therapists to work efficiently with result-based outcomes and helps administrators run a cost-effective gym with low staff numbers and long equipment lifecycles. So, what makes HUR equipment special?

Air resistance

HUR utilize air cylinders connected to a near-silent air compressor for generating the resistance needed for strength training. These cylinders are safely hidden away in the frames of the equipment.


Air cylinders give smooth and consistent resistance across the range of motion. This reduces stresses on joints and tissues and entirely avoids the risk of accidents from overloading muscles. This is especially important for seniors.


With air resistance starting loads can be near-zero and increments can be as low as 100g. This means even the frailest can start exercising and can make improvements without ‘trying to do too much.’ Exercise equipment that uses air resistance is nearly silent. Our gyms are places for conversation and laughter and mutual encouragement. The areas around the gym also stay peaceful - a big difference from traditional gyms.

Computer control. What is it?

HUR SmartTouch is our proprietary software that automates the process of client management and equipment control.

It covers the complete range of our products as well as a number of third-party suppliers. It is through this software that true, evidence-based training is possible.



HUR SmartTouch allows for fully automated and independent exercising. This means that there is no need for the user to adjust the seat and lever arm positions*, nor the resistance or repetitions. Once a user ‘taps-on’ to a piece of equipment everything is automatically prepared for him or her, including their individualised exercise programme. It is also easy to set up individualised training programmes and to monitor and report the outcomes, increasing staff productivity and centre profitability.


Stylish because there are no cables or cylinders visible. Stylish because of the wide choice of colours available for both the frame and the upholstery. Stylish because of the moulded dual-core cushions. Stylish because of the silent operation. 

Stylish because of the small footprint afforded by dual-function machines.


Stylish gyms are attractive to both existing and prospective residents.

Gyms with HUR equipment are well used gyms that add to the value proposition for those considering a move to your village, so your clients benefit and so do you.

Safety features

Such as?

Range limiters prevent hyperextension and allow for people of all abilities to comfortably and safely use our equipment. Integrated neck cushions encourage clients to sit correctly on the seat and thereby exercise the correct muscle groups. Isometric sensor points allow for accurate assessments of clients prior to setting up exercise plans.

Extra hand grips allow for easy entry and exiting of the equipment. Independent left/right levers for legs and arms. Strength and range of motion often differs between right and left legs and arms.

Without independent levers one leg or arm will do the majority of the work and thus give an unbalanced workout. It is also the case that for rehabilitation purposes it is possible to strengthen one limb independently.

The absence of any large electrical motors eliminates any risk to clients with Pacemakers.

And don’t forget, the use of air cylinders rather than weights is the biggest safety feature of all.


Safety in the gym means reducing the chance of injury to the minimum possible because injuries will at least lead to users being wary of using the gym and at worst to the operator being taken to court.

Dual function/Multi-function

Many of the pieces in the range have two complimentary exercises combined in the one machine, eg push up/pull down, leg extension/leg curl. Two of the pieces are truly multi-function; the 4x and the 5x.


Space always has a value. Combining two exercises into one machine saves valuable floor space whilst allowing for a versatile gym in relatively confined spaces. Also, buying one dual function machine is much better value than two single function pieces.

In addition to this, ten of the pieces in our range are wheelchair friendly and include features such as easy access hand grips and large mushroom buttons. All of these are still suitable for non-wheelchair users.

The range

At HUR we listen to what our collaborating researchers and our customers say. This has led us to develop 21 strength training pieces, 10 of which are suitable for wheelchair users, equipment for small spaces, a range of balance platforms and testing equipment, functional training pieces and software for incorporating non-HUR exercises into a training programme. In addition to this we have partnered with cardio equipment manufacturers who have incorporated our software, meaning you can purchase a complete, intelligent suite of gym equipment from just one supplier.

The support

Choosing the right equipment for the right outcomes and for the right space can be daunting. At HUR we are with you every step of the way giving you as much or as little support as you need so you can be confident that you are making the best choice for now and in to the future.

Design and planning

Whether planning a new gym or updating an existing facility, the HUR layout service helps to visualize ideas and ensure the functionality, accessibility and comfort in advance. Realistic 2D/3D images not only help in planning but also provide tools for marketing and promoting your services. Our professional HUR design service can help you plan entirely new premises or re-furbish existing facilities. Contact us when you need to replace individual pieces of equipment, modernize existing facilities or design a completely new facility.

Installation and servicing

Our commitment to you does not end with the sale. We will take care of all delivery and installation matters as well as training and on-going maintenance and servicing. In most circumstances installation will be completed in one day and training is generally carried out over two sessions; once to familiarise you with the basics of operating the equipment and the software and a subsequent follow-up visit to give more in-depth training. Online training is available where suitable.

The Quality

HUR air resistance exercise equipment and HUR balance platforms have been manufactured in Finland since 1989 following a collaboration with Helsinki University of Technology. Aiming at complete customer satisfaction, HUR's Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 covering the whole production process, from the choice of raw material to assembly, service and customer care.

HUR partners are chosen carefully for their commitments to quality and research and all operate to the same management and production quality systems. Our equipment is now helping people in over 10,000 locations across 6 continents.

The Alternatives

There are many different ways to exercise but which is the most appropriate? HUR was developed as the result of a research project at the University of Technology, Helsinki in 1989.  The company has maintained close ties with the research community ever since, which means the latest findings are incorporated into HUR products, programs, software and consulting services. HUR equipment is the only of its type developed specifically for seniors and rehab. So, what are the other choices?

Free weights

This is a weight, such as a barbell or dumbbell, that is not attached to another structural device and is raised and lowered by use of the hands and arms. These are the least-safe option for any gym but especially so for seniors. The majority of gym injuries (90% according to the American Journal of Sports Medicine) occur during the use of free weights, and the most common mechanism of injury were weights dropping on a person (65 percent). Injuries to the upper (25 percent) and lower trunk (20 percent) were the most common followed by injuries to the hand (19 percent).

The journal went on to report that “people aged 55 and older were more likely than their younger counterparts to be injured while using weight-training machines, and to sustain injuries from overexertion and lifting or pulling.”

Getting a weight moving from a dead stop is called overcoming the moment of inertia and requires acceleration. In exercise, overcoming the moment of inertia places a rapid and dramatic load on your muscles. At this point your muscles, joints and tendons are at most risk of injury.

Getting a moving weight to stop involves overcoming momentum and leads to the same risks. Because you aren’t actually lifting a weight when you use compressed air gym equipment, there is no corresponding moment of inertia to overcome and therefore less potential for injury. The inertia and momentum problems are also the case for pin-loaded weights.

Pin-loaded weights

Pin Loaded Gym Equipment is also referred to as Single Station Gym Equipment and Selectorised Gym Equipment as the resistance or weight is adjusted via a selector rod or pin that selects the amount of weight to be lifted by the user. This equipment is similar to free weights except that the weight is attached to a framework which reduces the opportunity for injury. 

This equipment may be safer than free weights but it is far from risk-free. Pin-loaded machines rely on the user to not over-exert themselves either by selecting an inappropriate weight or by completing too many repetitions.

There is also the danger of the load becoming too great to manage, something which can easily happen with the assistance of gravity. Once control is lost it is hard to regain and this is when injuries occur.

Another feature of this equipment is often exposed cables and pulleys which, if you are asking your seniors to make their own adjustments to the loading etc can be hazardous to fingers.

Pin-loaded gym equipment typically starts at 5 or 10 kg which will to too heavy for many older users. Fully 46% of the over 80s cannot lift more than 5kgs. Similarly, weight increases for these machines typically increases by 5kg and so if a user can only just manage the base load, they are unlikely to be able to progress further. 

By choosing this equipment you are restricting the number of users who can benefit from strength training.

Hydraulic resistance

Hydraulic resistance exercise equipment uses cylinders filled with a liquid to generate resistance. The resistance generated is equal to the force applied across the full range of movement. This equipment is usually very low cost. Hydraulic resistance has a number of disadvantages.

Firstly, the resistance generated is inconsistent across the range of movement.  Secondly, a key problem with hydraulic resistance machines is their inability to exercise in both the concentric and eccentric phases. Put simply, the concentric phase is when you're raising the weight, and the eccentric phase is when you're resisting gravity to lower the weight in a controlled movement.

With hydraulics you are constantly working in the concentric phase. This is important because the eccentric phase is an integral part of most movements during sport and activities of daily living. Falls prevention exercising is not possible with this type of equipment. Lastly the resistance increases as pressure increases. This means that it is possible to over-exert oneself with the resultant risk of injury. This also means speed training is not possible.