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With HUR all of your needs for a 50+ and seniors’ gym are covered

Choosing the most appropriate equipment to put in your gym is determined by what you want the gym to achieve. This may be general strength and mobility training or there may be more specific goals such as falls prevention, slowing the progress of dementia, rehab and prehab for cancer patients or many other things besides. With HUR you have the range available to achieve your goals all from the one place and the right support available to help you make the best choices.



Strength Training Equipment

For Strength training we have 11 of the most advanced and yet easy to operate single and dual function machines covering all of the major muscle groups. On top of this there are two multifunction machines which allow for a full-body workout and yet each has a footprint of only 1.5 m². Wheelchair users are fully included with HUR from our Easy Access range of 9 different strength pieces. Resistance from air pressure is the key here – safe to use, easy on joints, a near zero starting load and the ability to perform speed training are all essential for helping older generations stay fit and healthy. Click here to see our Strength Training Equipment.

Balance and Testing

Balance testing and training is key to falls prevention and here HUR has the most advanced and comprehensive balance platform available. Step one: test to establish a base with a suite of industry-standard measurements, step two; train safely with a variety of interactive exercises, step three; have fun with motivational balance games. Extending our range further is Senso, clinically proven benefits from combining balance and cognition exercises. The HUR Performance Recorder is there for your isometric testing requirements. Click here to see our Balance and Testing Equipment.

Compatible Cardio

For Cardio workouts HUR has partnered with industry leaders in order to offer the safest training possible. Low step-through, low step-up and low starting resistance are all features you will find on the ranges of bikes, recumbent cross trainers and treadmills. Our cardio partners have been chosen because of their commitment to quality and safety so that they fit with the HUR brand. Click here to see our Cardio Training Equipment.

Functional Pulley

For Functional Training we have the HUR Pulley which gives an almost unlimited number of exercise possibilities and is a key part of most of the gyms our customers choose. Wheelchair friendly of course and with pneumatic (air) resistance and the ability to combine two or even three pieces to pulleys make for a truly versatile piece of safe gym equipment. Click here for more information on our Functional Pulley.

Free Trainer

Our Free Trainer allows you to add new equipment-free exercises, e.g. stretching and active static workouts, into your exercise palette and training programmes, in addition to regular exercises performed with HUR machines. Click here for more information on our Free Trainer.

All of this equipment runs off the HUR proprietary software, SmartTouch, enabling a comprehensive, motivating and smooth training experience. SmartTouch allows the trainer to get away from one-on-one monitoring and from repetitive paperwork.


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