HUR Australia is committed to raising awareness of the benefits of technology and equipment in restoring, improving, and maintaining movement and strength for disease management and for long-term wellbeing.

In addition to our webinars, we have ‘How To Train’ videos, designed by physiotherapists, to demonstrate the optimal technique for getting the best results from our equipment. 

Every piece of HUR training equipment is designed to address the needs of the individual regardless of strength, endurance levels or physical abilities.

HUR Australia offers a wide range of resources for our customers to get the very best out of their equipment.

Our special Resources website gives you access to manuals and specifications for all of our equipment plus information from our partners, a wide range of training videos that go to the very heart of how to use the equipment and key information relating to service and maintenance. 

To access the password secured Resources Page, log-in here: https://resources.huraustralia.com.au If you have already purchased HUR equipment from HUR Australia but do not have the password yet, email us here gerry.pearce@huraustralia.com.au

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Please click here to learn more the Dividat Games.

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