HUR Australia Season's Greetings

It is time to briefly look back at the year 2020 which is going to be remembered as the very unusual year of COVID-19.

Many businesses have been struggling and needing to adjust their business plans. HUR Australia has done the same and it looks like we will survive. Big thanks go to our loyal partners and customers who have supported us during these tough times.

We participated in 12 conferences and exhibitions in 2019. This year, all our live events were cancelled or postponed forcing us to rethink our marketing strategy including finding new ways to promote our products. We started updating our web-site, tried different marketing channels and participated in virtual events.

As our product is very tangible, we found virtual exhibitions not to be so beneficial for us. Instead, our own webinars about exercise proved to be a success.

Through our webinars we have connected with over 1000 people on our 3 Webinars and showcased great volunteer speakers.

The webinars were all recorded and can be found here: HUR Australia webinar recordings.

You can do a lot of things remotely using video communication platforms like zoom. However, we do need real human interaction in many cases which we are really looking forward to in the new year. Our first live event in the new year will be the LEADERS SUMMIT 2021 in Sydney on the 18-19th March which we hope will kick start us to a better and more prosperous year.

COVID-19 related inactivity and sedentary behaviour is causing a lot of different kind of issues in our society. Loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) is one of the major ones limiting the quality of life. Exercise and especially strength exercise is needed more than ever, as it is the only way to build back your muscle lost during the pandemic.

We need to get this message through and make sure that Australians will have an opportunity to participate in safe and adequate gym activities. Let's also hope that there will be more government funding available to allied health services to support this, especially among older adults and seniors. 

We sincerely want to thank all our supporters and wish you a relaxing festive season and a healthier new year!

With warm Christmas wishes,
HUR Australia Team

(Our office will be closed Dec 24 - Jan 10. Reopening on Monday 11th of January 2021)