Invitation to HUR seminars in Ageing Asia 2020 - World Ageing Festival

Welcome to Ageing Asia 2020 - World Ageing Festival

The 11th Ageing Asia 2020 - World Ageing Festival (AA2020 - WAF) will be held 2-25 November, a hybrid edition of the annual Ageing Asia Innovation Forum (AAIF), organised by home grown Singaporean social enterprise, Ageing Asia Pte Ltd. AA2020 - WAF will showcase the world’s best eldercare models and health innovations, products, programmes and services that will enable health ageing, independent ageing and dignified ageing.

The festival concludes on 24-25 November at Farrer Park Hotel in Singapore. HUR will also take part in online seminars and lectures. For further information and registration to the event, click here

Explore the HUR SmartTouch Hi5 virtual stand!

Starting from 2 November, there will be a curated showcase of virtual webinars, showcases of innovations & solutions, online learning, demonstrations and highlights of the community. On 24-25 November, there will be the hybrid event – a more compact live event, but packed with the same valuable insights and global innovation showcase.

HUR will exhibit a great set up of HUR SmartTouch Hi5 machines & SmartBalance platform in our virtual stand. Each device is linked to "How to use" videos, which provides an instructive and educational contents.

Each day, Ageing Asia will also have a Virtual Exhibition Tour where AAIF visit 4 Virtual Exhibition Booths. Lena Karjauloto, HUR Executive Vice President, will showcase products on our virtual stand.

Speakers at the event

There will be many interesting speaking topics during the event, here are a few topics where HUR team and partners are participating.

4th of November, Wednesday 10:15 -11:00 (SGT, GMT+8)

Keys to Success - Exercise, Health, and Wellness during COVID 19

Dr Tuire Karaharju - Huisman, Business Consultant, Area Account Manager, HUR Australia

13th of November, Friday 12:00-12:15 (SGT, GMT+8)

Future of Eldercare Operations - Practical implications for lifelong strength during COVID-19

Nyyti Saikkonen, Education specialist, Medical fitness and Rehabilitation, HUR

24th of November, Tuesday 15:30-16:00 (SGT, GMT+8)

Exercise and lifestyle interventions to prevent cognitive impairment: from FINGER to World-Wide FINGERS

Tiia Ngandu, MD, PhD, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)

Complimentary Caregiver Pass

The complimentary Caregiver Pass entitles you access to all the Fringe Festival Activities (7 different activities), the Future of Eldercare Operations Seminar, Ageing Tech Start Up Pitch Stadium and curated Ageing Innovation Exhibition that will be showcasing up to 100 global brands, products and innovations that support health and eldercare.

To redeem Caregiver pass, please key in Code: EXSPNCARE at www.worldageingfestival.com OR just simply scan the QR code on the ecard below.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Festival!