"We are proud to own HUR equipment and can recommend HUR to all other seniors living providers who similarly value quality amenities and services.”
Sally Taylor, Retirement By Moran Managing Director


"The HUR equipment is easy to use and has made the gym an instant success with residents and staff alike."
Frank Price, Royal Freemasons’ Benevolent Institution CEO


HUR Australia is the technology leader in Equipment for Senior Exercise, Rehabilitation and Wellness.

HUR Fitness Equipment match your body's natural muscular movement using smooth air technology. The result is a safer, more effective exercise for a wider range of people from mainstream exerciser to elite athletes, seniors, children and disabled.


Discover why HUR Australia is the

#1 strength training solution for 50+ / Retirement Living, Aged Care


HUR for 50+/Community gyms

Providing a gym experience for the over 50s is easy to get wrong. This is an age group that wants gym equipment to be easy and safe to use in a setting which is pleasant and congenial. This is not about your gym junkies; it’s about enticing the gym-phobic to start exercising so they can live their lives to the full.

HUR gym equipment is silent, smooth and automated. No cables to trap fingers, no uncomfortable and ill-fitting seats, no over- or under-exercising, just easy and motivating exercising which is suitable for all.

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“We don’t stop exercising because we get old, we get old because we stop exercising.”


HUR for Retirement Living

The ‘baby-boomer’ generation now considering moving to retirement living is said to be more discerning and demanding in what they are looking for from their retirement. Life expectancy is now well into the 80s and the expectation is that retirement is the time to start the third phase of living – more time to live life to the full.

Staying fit and active is a key part of this, as is developing and maintaining community. 

HUR equipment is safe, easy to use, motivating and effective. Our equipment will enhance your village and will provide your clients with the kind of gym they are looking for.

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“Youthfulness is about how you live, not when you were born.”
– Karl Lagerfeld


HUR for Aged Care

Providing exercise opportunities for our oldest citizens may be a fairly new concept for some but the evidence is clear from all around the world – the way to fight frailty is through physical and mental strength training.

With HUR equipment even the frailest can exercise in a safe and rewarding way and so maintain or even recover the ability to live independently. 

Gyms with HUR equipment and places where miracles happen every day.

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“#1 Inclusive Wellness and Rehabilitation”


HUR for rehabilitation

Periods of inactivity are bad for us. Our muscles weaken alarmingly quickly and joints stiffen.

The earlier that rehab can be safely started the better the outcomes will be and so the benefits of zero starting load and “natural transmission” through air resistance are easy to see. With HUR pneumatic resistance rehab can be safely started as soon as movement is allowed.

Safety features such as range limiters and the ability to exercise left-right independently, along with measurable range-of-motion and power output mean progress is safe and meaningful. SmartTouch software means all progress is evidence based.

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“Once you are doing exercise regularly, the hardest thing is to stop it.”
– Erin Gray


HUR for Inclusive Wellness

The needs of wheelchair users have not been ignored at HUR. Dedicated wheelchair-friendly equipment is included in our strength training range.

What’s more, all of the ‘Easy-Access’ range is also suitable for non-wheelchair users so whether you are looking to develop a gym dedicated to wheelchair users or want to provide a gym for all, we have the equipment range to meet your needs.

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“It matters not how long we live but how”

– Philip James Bailey


HUR for Wellness teams

Our innovative products give you and your team an edge. Easy client management through intelligent, cloud-based, software allows for efficiency, productivity and wellness.

Create and manage clients’ training programmes, monitor individual progress and track outcomes across time, peer groups and locations, all from one friendly interface.

Attractive, safe and silent equipment enhances your village or facility and provides a point of difference for your marketing.

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“How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?”
– Satchel Paige


HUR for Senior Managers

If you are looking for your gym to do more than just look after the gym junkies of this world, HUR has you covered.

A gym powered by HUR is not only the best place for promoting wellbeing, it is also the best place for promoting your facility.

Not only do gyms with HUR equipment give you a point of difference from your competitors but they are also well-used gyms and well-used gyms are great for organic marketing through word-of-mouth.

The automation of exercising through individualised programmes and electrically adjusting machines means reduced allied health costs and the automated data collection and reporting from our software means easy and reliable reporting of improvements to funding authorities.

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HUR Australia is leading the way for 50+ and Seniors' Gyms

Many geriatric exercise studies emphasize that muscular strength gained via senior exercise is directly related to the management of balance, walking speed, climbing stairs and prevention of falls. Maintaining a sufficient level of strength is vital for ensuring senior citizens ability to cope independently in everyday life. Senior strength training is needed in addition to cardio training to maintain the muscle mass throughout senior years. As far as senior exercise is concerned, it is essential to have safe and easily accessible devices.

Adjustments of HUR machines can be made without getting off the machine and range limiters provide additional safety by reducing risk of injury. You can complete the selection with Easy Access line machines enabling the independent exercising of wheelchair users. Read more about HUR 50+ and Seniors' Gyms.

Special Design for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

HUR Rehabilitation Equipment has specially been designed for effective rehabilitation together with universities and leading experts in physiology and biomechanics worldwide. Devices are based on air-pressure technology providing a safe resistance curve for joints and allowing stepless adjustment of resistance from zero upwards.

HUR's Easy Access Line is an equipment range targeted to meet the needs of wheelchair users with special features of rehabilitation equipment. Find out more about HUR Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Equipment.


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