The NuStep T6 delivers a low-impact total body workout that can benefit users of virtually any fitness level or functional ability. It can be used with either legs or arms or both simultaneously for a true cross-trainer experience. It features 15 levels of resistance, easily changed during a workout via the lower touch-screen.

The T6 has ergonomic hand grips which rotate 40 degrees and has sturdy arm handles with easy-to-use clamshell release levers to establish the optimum arm length. The rubber hand grips are soft, comfortable and easy to clean.

The comfortable wheelchair seat spins a full 360 degrees, reclines up to 12 degrees and has arms which raise fully to facilitate easy ingress and egress from any angle.

The seat also adjusts forwards and backwards to facilitate various leg lengths. Maximum loading is 227 kg

Supportive and stable foot pedals make a good lower-body workout possible. The heel cups help reduce slipping off the pedals and adjustable straps help secure feet of all sizes.

The Stridelock lever quickly and easily locks the arms and pedals for safe transport.

The upper screen provides an excellent interface for user engagement with an enhanced Pace Partner program, Quick Start and Charting Apps.

The lower screen displays all workout metrics including time, speed (steps per minute), total distance, watts, calories, METs, resistance level and heart rate. Heart rate monitoring through Bluetooth® wireless technology is available when a suitable device is connected

Extra features include:

  • Customisation of default settings in admin mode
  • Audible feedback with volume control
  • Seat position readout displayed on screen
  • USB port for data export to PDF, eliminating the need for paperwork
  • Low step-through height for safety and ease of use

The T6 is available with a range of accessories, including leg stabilisers, Well Grip sets for those with reduced hand strength, Foot Secure system and a seat belt.

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