Analogue Strength Training Equipment

HUR Australia's Analogue Strength Training Equipment utilizes the same advanced exercising method found on all HUR Strength Equipment but uses a manual interface. Individuals can easily adjust resistance through the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons located conveniently below the control unit's pneumatic display. HUR Analog Equipment is perfect for retirement living and aged care facilities, as well as schools and health clubs looking for the benefits of pneumatic strength training equipment but without the need for added technology.


1. Zero starting load with 100g increments
Earlier initiation of rehabilitation with lower weights yields faster results

2. Natural Transmission
Air resistance mimics the natural movement of muscles. Speed and strength training possible from the same machine

3. Dual Core cushions with adjustable seat position
Comfortable and ergonomic for the best exercise experience

4. Fully enclosed mechanism
Safe from moving parts and attractive

5. Push-button resistance adjustments
Easy to change without moving from the machine


If you would like to know more about HUR Australia's Strength Training Equipment range, please contact the friendly HUR Australia sales team: