Customer Testimonial

Carrington Care Aged Care, Grasmere, NSW

How one piece of equipment can transform a life

Andrew (76 years old) has been an active and enthusiastic participant at the Carrington Centennial Care Fitness Centre and is gaining the advantages of regular strength training to improve his quality of life in retirement. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Andrew became a paraplegic and ended up in a wheelchair. Despite this, he continues to inspire those around him with his positive outlook and determination. Andrew started working out in Carrington’s gym in April 2018. In 2019, with the purchase of the HUR equipment his training has become revolutionised.

Currently he is committed to his exercise regime of 2-4 days a week. When Andrew first started out on his exercise journey, his goals were to remain as independent and mobile as possible. He stated that he wanted to be able to transfer himself in and out of his wheelchair independently.

The HUR cable machine has been strongly utilised to allow him to work his core and upper body in different and functional ways.

With some creative thinking the chest press machine has been utilised as a back extension machine for further strength gains. His program is complete with a cardio workout on the arm ergometer. 

Andrew has gained more than just strength from the gym. Quite often he can be seen with other clients around him, deep in conversation. This social aspect further enhances the benefits he is receiving. He is a great inspiration, showing us all that we shouldn’t let anything get in the way of pursuing a healthier and happier lifestyle.


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