Customer Testimonial

How Goodwin promoted their brand and the health of their residents at the same time

The Goodwin brand is all about quality of life for its residents and so developing a holistic approach to wellness was an obvious thing they needed to do.

Because of this, in 2019 they opened the first of their wellness centres in Crace, ACT. Goodwin commissioned a dedicated health hub, including GPs, a geriatrician, massage, podiatry, physiotherapy, and exercise physiotherapy. The success of this centre led to a second one being constructed at Farrer, ACT.

As part of their commitment to wellbeing Goodwin chose HUR equipment for both of their sites and their Exercise Physiologists, Brayden Murphy and Olivia Catherall, say that since opening residents have reported an immense benefit from its regular use, not only physically, but mentally. ”It is often a daunting or intimidating experience for an older person to join a gym” says Brayden.

“What Goodwin has done by providing HUR equipment in a safe and controlled environment has helped hundreds of its residents that have said they would never join a regular gym, whether that be due to monthly costs or that they may feel unable to ask for help or even looked down upon by other gym members.”  

As a result, the residents who have joined and regularly use the wellness centre gyms have said that using the HUR equipment has facilitated greater confidence and independence and has made exercise into something that they enjoy.  

Brayden and Olivia can provide each resident with a detailed orientation session and give them the necessary tools and information to either use the equipment independently, join classes or have individual sessions. The HUR SmartTouch software allows Brayden to give each client their own exercise program and have them access it on each machine simply by ‘tapping-on’. This system also makes detailed machine adjustments according to the personal plan so that each piece fits perfectly. Having someone to assist along the way helps the residents gain confidence and independence with the use of the equipment.

“Residents of the villages have mentioned that having their program set on the card has been a huge benefit to using the gym independently” says Olivia.

It usually only takes an assessment and putting the program onto the card and residents can confidently use the equipment. This also reduces the cost for residents as they don’t always have to come back every week for a paid session.

Residents that attend group classes can have their program monitored and adjusted every time they renew their classes (every ten classes). Brayden recommends that residents attend the classes at least twice per week, which is in line with current research which states that, for older adults, the need is for at least two strength and resistance sessions per week to maintain strength and bone health. Furthermore, it is possible to track an individual’s progress through the reporting system with HUR. “This is not only a great way to demonstrate improvements in strength” says Brayden.

“but is also used to inform residents of their progress and is a great way to motivate individuals to keep working toward their goals.”

The Goodwin brand remains as strong as ever; many of the Goodwin residents are now enjoying getting even stronger.


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