Webinar - EXERCISE IS MEDICINE - Improving health and wellness in older adults via exercise

HUR Australia is organising another free webinar in regards to the benefits of exercise on Thursday, May 12th, 2022.

This is our fifth webinar in our popular webinar series organised by our colleague Dr Tuire Karaharju-Huisman.

Our first webinar for 2022 will discuss Exercise as medicine. The evidence on the benefits of exercise in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, as well as slowing down ageing, are clear. All exercise is good but to get the maximum benefits, the dosage, type and intensity need to be appropriate. Furthermore, a close collaboration with general practitioners and the broader allied health team will maximise the benefits of exercise as medicine.

Our webinar guest speakers, Brad McGregor, Clinical and Operations Manager at UQ Health Care, and Sam Waley, Director at MedHP, will discuss both these collaborations.

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