Customer Testimonial

Uniting Westmead, NSW

The right type of gym makes all the difference

Lyn Graham still reflects on her turning point, the moment she realised that she needed to change something in her exercise routine. “I went to visit my son in Kenya. He was a missionary there and every time we would get a bus, he would have to push me up the bus’s stairs!” “After Kenya, I had been to my doctor and he said I should find an exercise physiologist. I have type 1 diabetes and I was also struggling to move my left knee much.”

Lyn had discovered the Uniting Seniors Gym at the Westmead campus. The main purpose of Seniors Gyms is ‘reablement’. This means that the gyms aren’t just for rehabilitation but also to exceed previous physical fitness to prevent further issues.

“Because the gym is at Westmead, there are lots of people also looking to increase their balance and general wellbeing. I had tried other gyms, but I always ended up paying and not going. I would find that a lot of the younger people there were just trying to out-do each other. 

“The fact is that here at Seniors Gym, there is a real sense of community. They care about you, they really encourage you and they make sure that you have the tools to press on.” 

When Lyn started her Seniors Gym journey she was barely able to lift weight with her left leg on the leg extension machine. She also struggled with her balance because she was barely activating her leg whilst she was standing. These days she can lift 50% more with both legs on the leg extension machine than when she started on her right leg. She says that she owes her renewed sense of wellbeing to Seniors Gym.

“I’m no longer looking for the ramp to walk up. I’m excited that I’ll be able to sit on the floor with my grandchildren and play with them and then get up again. It’s been a necessary lifestyle change to continue living my life the way I want to. I have to say, I can’t wait until this pandemic is over. I want to show my son that I can get up the stairs of those Kenyan buses all on my own now.”


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