Customer Testimonial

Vasey Kokoda, Waitara, NSW

Getting HUR equipment was “a no-brainer”

From its very beginnings, Kokoda Residences’ retirement apartments on Sydney’s upper North Shore at Waitara was planned to be an exciting, innovative, and bespoke alternative for over 55s. So, the consequent decision, to not only provide an exclusive onsite gym within the brand-new vertical village, but ensure it was fully equipped with the HUR smart exercise systems that are safe and suitable for seniors was, as they say, an absolute ‘no-brainer’.

Located on the ground floor, and overlooking the village’s beautifully landscaped gardens, the HUR gym at Kokoda Residences provides a variety of body-specific and cardio machines; from leg presses and curls, dips, and shrugs plus push ups, pull downs and chest presses, to the Nustep T4R cross-trainer and treadmill. Kokoda Residences Sales Professional, Jodie Pennings, has noticed how busy the gym is already becoming since the first residents moved in from August 2022. 

Regular gym-goer Alan shared some insight into his new fitness journey that began when he moved into Kokoda Residences. “My level of fitness, until recently, was based on a one hour walk each morning and a reasonably active lifestyle. Since being introduced to a gym with HUR equipment my daily walk has been replaced by an hour on various pieces of HUR equipment," Alan explains.

“This has significantly improved my overall fitness levels through a more interesting but challenging approach which is adaptable to my rate of improvement.”

Resident Ross also finds the HUR equipment in the gym very effective and user friendly. “The card identifying the user and their protocols is recognised on each machine and the equipment's computer then adjusts the resistance based on the user, thereby alleviating the need to change weights from a previous user or move pins in weight stacks.“ Adding to the benefits they’re getting from the comfortably designed and easy to use HUR equipment, the residents are also loving the fact they have individually tailored fitness programs being implemented for them by Kokoda Residences' Exercise Physiologist. Maureen is another one of the many new residents discovering the value of her personalised fitness program.

“I look forward to my weekly sessions with Lachlan, our Exercise Physiologist. Each of the exercises really feel like they’re designed for me,” Maureen enthused.

“Better still, they are working. I’m feeling so much stronger, already. And we only moved in a couple of months ago.“ This is just the first of many inspiring HUR stories, as the Kokoda Residences retirement community continues to flourish, getting fitter, healthier, and happier every day of their exciting new lives.


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