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Thank you for attending the HUR Australia’s Webinar May 12th, 2022


We are grateful that our presenters joined us and also want to thank everyone in our audience for your interest. We hope that you found the information useful.


Below you will find the recording of this webinar.



We were very lucky to have our two speakers join us. 

Brad McGregor, Clinical and Operations Manager, UQ Health Care

For more information about Brad McGregor and UQ Healthy living, please visit https://www.uqhealthyliving.org.au

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Sam Waley, Director at MedHP

For more information about Sam Waley and MedHP, please visit https://medhp.com.au/

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Both facilities have also been presented in our previous Newsletters.

UQ healthy living - 2021 Newsletter:


UQ Healthy Living expands to support a growing community eager to lay the foundations of a healthy future – with Manager, Brad McGregor, saying it’s not too early or too late to invest in later life.

Queensland’s most innovative, interprofessional health and fitness facility, UQ Healthy Living (UQHL), has announced it is expanding to a second floor.

The new Members Studio opening this month, is UQHL’s latest strategy to boost healthy outcomes in the over 50s and is designed to give clients more space and flexibility. 

“There is a plethora of information and ‘advice’ as to how to age well. UQ Healthy Living’s team of health professionals distills this noise into evidence-based programs to keep people healthy, active, independent and connected,” says Manager, Brad McGregor.

“Our clients have reached the point in their lives when it is time to invest in themselves and their health and fitness and we give them the opportunity to invest wisely. People need quality return on their time, and an interdisciplinary facility of this pedigree, complimented by a user-friendly, cutting-edge exercise space is the answer many people have been looking for.”

Flexibility and opportunity 

UQHL will continue to offer scheduled, highly supported exercise sessions in the original gym space, led by Exercise Physiologists and supported by student practitioners. However, clients of the Members Studio are offered more flexible environment to follow their individual programs independently. They can take advantage of extended access, unrestricted by time-dependent sessions and without the need to book ahead. 

The Studio also incorporates more of the world-class HUR strength and aerobic equipment seen upstairs, offering low starting loads of 100g with the ability to increase in 100g increments, making the equipment suitable for beginners or long-term lifters. 

Access to allied health professionals

UQHL’s combined professional approach to prevent and manage age-related health issues sees experienced clinicians, some of whom lead in the field of healthy ageing, shape the client experience. Importantly, clients of the Member’s Studio will still have access to all UQHL’s health professionals. 

The facility’s services include dietetics, exercise physiology, and physiotherapy; and specialty programs for chronic disease, such as diabetes, cardiopulmonary conditions, and osteoporosis.

The clinical team design all client’s personal programs as well as deliver individual consults and group activities. This unique synergy offers the community affordable, quality care that considers a more complete perspective on the individual’s health.

“The interdisciplinary approach means we combat not just the physical aspects of ageing, but the emotional and social aspects as well,” said Mr McGregor.

“Clients can access multiple services all under the one roof and this creates a continuity of care and a health hub for the individual. The clinicians can work together to facilitate the best possible outcomes for each client.”

Mr McGregor says his clients are drawn to the supportive, community aspect of UQHL and make social connections. “It’s great to see clients enjoying their exercise together. They inspire and motivate each other to make positive changes to their lifestyle.”

MedHP - Newsletter 2022

Exercise is the answer - now ask me the question!

As a generalist Doctor of over 30 years, I have treated the full gamut of illness. As people are living longer, chronic illness of some description at some stage of life is almost inevitable. I have realised that at the end of each consultation I often give lifestyle advice, trying to explain to the patients to eat healthier and do more exercise. To convince them how important exercise is, I often say, Exercise is the answer… now ask me the question! 

Evidence shows that exercise is beneficial for many medical conditions such as diabetes , hypertension , osteoarthritis , osteoporosis , dementia , depression, anxiety , cancer survival as well as balance and falls prevention. The list goes on and on.

Even though during a consultation my time is limited and my advice often merely introductory, many patients are motivated and their lifestyles and lives are transformed significantly within months. However, everyone could benefit but not everyone took my advice. 

Evidence shows that lifestyle and exercise advice given by a medical professional doesn’t necessarily translate into the patient taking the advice, so I knew that more needed to be done. We would build a bridge between doctor and exercise. From that grew MedHP, Medical High Performance, a collaboration between two practices of 35 doctors and a team of exercise physiologists and exercise scientists headed by Accredited Exercise Physiologist Sam Waley.

Sam had built his own private practice from working in the area for over 10 years as well as working with Oncology Victoria and high-performance racing car teams impressing our discerning doctors who loved the work he did and the genuine care he always provided.

MedHP is branded as a gym for the over 50yo age group and those with chronic illnesses that need personal attention, but also to anyone else who wishes to avail themselves to our magnificent facilities and services is welcome! 
So now my strategy is thus - I ask 2 questions:

  1. Do you think you exercise enough?
  2. Do you want to know more about exercise and how it can benefit your health or lifestyle?

If they answer yes to no. 2 then I refer to one of our amazing accredited exercise physiologists. 

MedHP has a suite of HUR strength training equipment and the first Senso in our city of Melbourne. We also have free weights, a cardio section and group classes including reformer pilates. We organise regular lectures from doctors and allied health and also organise outdoor exercise activities for which our clients are motivated to train.

Often patients “don’t know what they don’t know” and when they are shown what is available , what is possible and the positive effects of a program like ours they become enthusiastic converts! 

Dr Nicholas Kokotis Director Bluff Road Medical Centre Director MedHP Medical High Performance Melbourne  Australia