HUR Smart Balance 2031

Maintaining balance is a crucial ability that we need in our everyday life, especially so as we get older. The prevention of falls is a major concern for aged care facilities and residents alike.

With the HUR SmartBalance you have a suite of industry-standard tests to first establish a baseline, indicating areas of concern, and a series of trainers for effective treatment options. There are also fun and motivating interactive games for improving strength and coordination

The HUR Balance Platform is a complete package consisting of 

  1. BTG4-FE platform
  2. All-in-One Computer
  3. Balance Support Station
  4. HUR SmartBalance Software


Large touch screen. Safe and sturdy rails. Fast wireless recognition.

More Features

  • New improved software graphic design for easier understanding
  • SUNBEAM falls prevention module (available separately)
  • Two new training exercises called N-Back Test and Stop Signal Task for cognition assessment and training
  • New game called Tux Kart
  • Existing exercises improved
  • Balance Score - Easily interpret your client’s balance ability with a unique score. Compare and motivate!
  • Easy to use non intimidating Client mode for independent training.
  • Scientifically-proven testing methods provide an accurate baseline measurement; you’ll know exactly where you’re starting and where improvements can be made.
  • Interactive computer programs are easy to navigate and feature large buttons, clear graphics, and an intuitive touchscreen.
  • Motivational and fun cognitive games improve strength and coordination.
  • Optional HUR SmartTouch software provides personalised workout plans.
  • Easy access for both standing and wheelchair users, with a wide entry platform and adjustable support rails.
  • Low step-up height – makes independent training easy and safe even for frailer persons.
  • Comprehensive reports include easy-to-understand graphics that help track your progress and create new goals.


The inclusion of the award-winning SUNBEAM protocol as an additional module in the HUR Smart Balance allows for the inclusion of evidence-based balance training. The module has been designed in collaboration with the SUNBEAM lead researcher, Dr Jennie Hewitt.

N-Back Test

With N-Back trainer you can train your working memory (= a cognitive system with a limited capacity that can hold information temporarily). Your task is to remember the sequence of cards, "is the new card same as the one which is located in the right side", and then answer yes/no by stepping in the guided direction on the platform.

Stop Signal Task

Stop Signal Task measures response inhibition (impulse control). In Stop Signal Task user is shown arrows that can point to different sides. User then steps quickly to the same direction except when a Stop Signal is shown. The task applies the stop signal delay (stop signal will be shown a little bit later than the arrow) and this will also increase the difficulty level.

Tux Kart

Tux Kart is a Kart racing game where you compete against other AI players. There are different tracks and difficulty level which user can choose.

Information is key

One of the most welcomed benefits of HUR SmartBalance software is the results explanation buttons which give more information about each parameter that is measured and also points the user towards focus areas on strength and balance training. This helps especially the new user to get acquainted with the testing and training processes and how to help their customers as well as they can.

Romberg Test

Romberg test assesses static standing balance. In this test, the same balance test is performed eyes open and eyes closed. In addition to Romberg test, there is also Limits Of Stability test available.

Balance Score

The unique Balance Scores make analysing the results much easier and prints very clear and understandable reports for the tested person. Instead of tens of parameters it focuses on only five important and descriptive parameters with colour coded traffic light indication of fall risk.

Compare and Follow-Up

The software offers comparison mode, which makes follow-up of the person's progression easy. The comparisons are also colour coded with traffic light colours so that it is easy to see and easy to show when the green level has been reached.

Software View

HUR Smart Balance Report




  • Weight 60 kg
  • Dimensions 107 cm W x 103 cm L x 181cm L
  • Power needed: Yes
  • WiFi needed: Yes


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