The HUR Twist has been designed for safe and motivating strength training for seniors, over 50s and for rehab. The HUR Twist targets the core muscles of the back, abdomen and shoulders.

Air resistance allows for near-zero starting loads and 100g increments allowing exercise for all. SmartTouch technology allows for independent exercise and automated record keeping. 

Equipment Features

All HUR strength training equipment with SmartTouch technology can automatically welcome the client on to the machine, load the pre-set exercise programme and set the required reps and resistance. Real-time data is automatically tracked, recording progress and any areas of concern.

  • HUR SmartTouch technology automatically adjusts resistance and positioning to each client’s personalized training program, saving staff time while tracking and documenting progress.
  • 10” Hi5 touch screen control of seat height, back support, and lever arms. Touch screen manual adjustment of loading in 1kg / 100g increments.
  • Pneumatic resistance follows the natural movement of muscles and allows for speed training.
  • Analogue (non-computerised) option available.
  • Isometric testing sensor attachment. Isometric measurements such as maximum strength and muscular balance can be measured using a separate Performance Recorder.




Available Colours



  • Weight: 59 kgs
  • Dimensions: W 89 cm, L 105 cm, H 126 cm
  • Power needed: Yes
  • Compressed air needed: Yes
  • WiFi needed? Yes
  • Available models: STE5330, STE5330HD, 5330
  • Click here for explanation of differences.


  • Floor mount bracket
    Equipment can be fixed to the floor.

More information

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